Pool Cleaning Lifeguard Pool Service provides complete pool cleaning services. No one wants their backyard paradise looking like a backyard nightmare so before your pool turns into the black lagoon consider hiring a licensed, bonded, and insured professional to maintain your pool.

Most home owners are to busy with everyday life to keep their pools maintained they way they should be. That's where we come in!

If your pool is looking a little off colored or murky you most likely have a pH imbalance. This can be caused by improper filtration or chemical instability. There's no one cause of this problem but a quick diagnosis will tell you that the problem can be cured just by adding a few chemicals. Chemicals can be dangerous and shouldn't be handled by a person with little or no experience.

If your water is turning green or you have started to notice black spots on the side walls, you may be seeing early signs of algae. Algae may cause health problems to you and your family if the problem is not treated soon. Algae is also known for spreading fast and quickly getting out of hand.

Also keep in mind during the summer, evaporation can take place at a rapid pace. Especially here in the Valley where we often see harsh summers. By not keeping an eye on your water levels you could be losing natural heat, not to mention if the water levels get to low you can cause an irregular strain on your pump. Once the pump goes you face a lot more problems then low water levels.

You should also keep your eye on any and all debris that enter your swimming pool. Outdoor elements such as leaves can not only clog your drain but off set your chemical balance as well.

Generally speaking the more you use your pool the more attention it requires. Pool cleaning services are the easiest way to be sure your pool is in tip top condition. By hiring a professional to maintain your swimming pool you are not only keeping your pool sanitary which is a plus for obvious reasons (health for one) but you are also fixing problems before they occur.